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Tweet I usually don’t bother much about hotels when I travel alone or if we are all adults. But with two kids in Hong Kong I was worried about everything. More so when both are brats and I was the only adult on the trip. I was going with Makemytrip and they booked me with the [...]


Tweet I love to travel, be it with extended family, solo or on sponsored trips. However there are three constant companions that go on every trip with me, my camera, my cell phone and my laptop. I like my camera and my cell phone quite a lot. But I could not say the same for [...]


Tweet As I had read Recalcitrance the prequel to Remembrance, it is logical that I read the second book too. The backdrop of the first book is the revolt of 1857 in Lucknow and Remembrance picks up right from where Recalcitrance left. Remembrance by Anurag Kumar The revolt of 1857 has been crushed and the [...]


The Naked Mountain- By Reinhold Messner

by Mridula on November 29, 2012

in Books

Tweet The Naked Mountain is the account of the ascent and tragedy on the Nanga Parbat in Pakistan. I am aware there are other accounts of the same expedition but Rehinold Messner’s account is the only one I have read. The expedition was full of controversy and ended in almost a double tragedy. The Rupal [...]


Tweet I traveled with Malaysia Airlines both the times I visited Malaysia. So twice I took the Delhi-Kuala Lumpur flight and back. So far my experiences have been good with them. Check In: Both the times I did the web check in (for that window seat) and thankfully there was a separate queue for web [...]