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Rose Ringed Parakeet

Tweet Chhavi and I recently went to Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan. This is the first daughter-mother trip of 2014. I hope we are going to do many more trips this year. We had a good time. This post is a collection of birds from the area. We stayed at the Tiger Den which is [...]


A Rose Ringed Parakeet

by Mridula on December 11, 2012

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Tweet I was moving in the company of 4 kids in a village near Lakshman Sagar. They were quite curious about my bird photography. Even though a noisy gang of four is not good for bird photography I in no way wanted to discourage the kids. So we all learned to be a bit quiet while this [...]


Tweet   For quite sometime at Bharatpur I roamed alone while my husband and daughter had a later start at that day. I had seen Black Headed Ibis at Mangalajodi too. So at Bharatpur I recognized it on my own! I met these Rose Ringed Parakeets right at the beginning of the park. I hate [...]