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Tweet During my short stay in Maldives we hopped to a resort island Fihalhohi, for a day. We were staying at the budget island of Maafushi- which is inhabited. The resort islands have nothing but the resort and the tourists. But whichever way you look at Maldives it is incredibly beautiful. Forget diving, even the [...]


Tweet My nephew Sunil and I arrived at Maafushi Maldives in the evening, feeling quite crumpled and tired. We were so knocked out, we couldn’t even enjoy our excellent surroundings. And then when we sat down for an early dinner we enjoyed the concept of service on the island. They really take it easy, we [...]


Tweet It is the sky watch time again! It is a Friday and guess what? It is a Friday when I am traveling too, those are the bestest kind of Fridays. So, I am scheduling this post and going away to Himachal Pradesh in quest of more skies and some snow. The picture I picked [...]


Tweet In spite of having traveled so much this year it seems I am running out of sky pictures! The good bit is that I am heading out again tomorrow, just me and my daughter. Till I click new ones, here is a sunset at Fort Kochi in Kerala, India. I did a short trip [...]


Tweet I recently visited Fort Kochi on Travspire’s invitation and what a trip it was! I had only two evenings at Fort Kochi and the first of it was devoted to watching a Kathakali dance performance. So I had only one evening for the Chinese Fishing Netsand I was sincerely longing for some drama in [...]


Tweet After Fort Kochi, Kerala Backwaters were my next stop. But instead of the traditional places Travspire offered me a cycling, walking and boating trip with my base at Breeze Backwater Homes in Kuthiathode. My room there was literally five steps away from the backwaters. Before lunch I had gulped two cups of tea and [...]