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Siliserh Lake

Tweet Recently we visited Alwar on a very short trip. We went on Friday morning and came back on Saturday night! The good bit about Alwar is that it is quite close to Gurgaon. The Shatabdi Express train takes only an hour and a half to reach Alwar. My husband has been to Alwar before [...]


Tweet Sorry for the Hindi title but it is related to an old ad of Mountain Dew which claims that Cheetah drinks Mountain Dew. Well I don’t know about the Cheetah but monkeys at Siliserh Lake at Alwar (Rajasthan) certainly like to to drink Mountain Dew and other cold drinks. Monkey Drinking Mountain Dew, Siliserh Lake, Alwar, [...]


Tweet We took a short break at Alwar in Rajasthan. This was a family trip and we all enjoyed a lot. I just got back a few hours back. But as I have said before, if I have an internet connection I will blog. I find it difficult to go to sleep if I don’t. [...]