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Traveling Solo in Kutch

by Mridula on January 25, 2014

in Canon D550,Gujarat,India,Photography

Tweet It is not that I seek out to travel solo but solo trips just happen. Like first I thought I was going to Bhutan with my younger nephew but that didn’t happen. In the end the first trip of 2014 was to Kutch, my personal vacation and solo. I will recount conversations that happened [...]


Is India Safe for Women Travelers?

by Mridula on August 25, 2013

in India,Travel

Tweet The short answer is no. And then there is a long answer. Pay attention to my short answer first and only then read the rest. Anyway I wonder if I even need to write a post? There are a variety of posts doing round on the internet now on the same subject. Most of [...]


Tweet I recently went to Sri Lanka with my younger nephew who is also known as Brat 2. Of course there is a Brat 1, his elder brother, and there are two more, Brats 3 and 4. Brat 3 is my niece and 4 my daughter. The numbering is according to the age, Brat 1 [...]


Tweet Many a times the first question that is asked about solo women travel in India is, “is it even possible?” If you go by my limited experience the answer is yes but with caution. I never really intended to travel solo and my first solo trips were for work abroad rather than in India. [...]