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Tweet But this post is not about the diamonds in the sky. It is just a view from the high up in a plane. It was the early morning Delhi-Ahmadabad flight. I took up my first flight in my late twenties! Compare it with my daughter who took it at two years! By now she [...]


Tweet After strolling through the Pub Street and the Night Market I managed to hit the bed by mid night. When the alarm went at 4.30 am the next day in spite of being disoriented I did not want to fling the cell phone against the wall. You see, I was going to watch the [...]


Tweet I am not a morning person at all. I used to be at one point. But then I gave up on it completely. Weekends mean getting late up late and that is the biggest incentive for me, other than drinking many cups of tea. But after I started enjoying photography I read about the [...]


Tweet Sunrise at Angkor Wat If I do not do anything else today, my day has been made. I went out of schedule to visit Angkor Wat at sunrise. My day started at 4.30 am. I had my umbrella with me. I was determined to go, come rain or sunshine! The rain gods were mildly [...]


Tweet I am not a sunrise person, there was a time when I could blissfully sleep through all the sunrises in the world. But that was before I started playing ‘photographer.’ I now try to get up at sunrise as I know it often makes for beautiful pictures. Doing so in Durban was not too [...]


Tweet This happened on a very cold day at dawn. I should have logically been fast asleep. I did not put any alarm to get up at sunrise. I also watched a lot of movies on TV the night before! And yet my eyes opened on its own and the view from the window at [...]