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I have to admit I was surprised at SATTE (at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi) in a very pleasant way! I was spending some time at the Malaysia Tourism stall when a gentleman called me and said hello and then added, you stayed at our resort at Bukit Gambang. I was completely floored. I have been there […]


Call me challenged when it comes to crafts and arts. The only skill I have shown ever in a creative endeavor is with my camera and thank god for small mercies! So I had quite mixed feelings when I got to know that we were visiting the Noor Arfa Batik Complex at Kuala Terengganu. The building itself […]


Have you ever wondered a month or so after a trip that your memories slightly alter? I usually rewind my trips through my pictures. But after a month or so some memories fade out. And at other times I wonder why I did not talk about certain other events in the first place! I stayed […]


Whenever I look at this picture I get mesmerized by the shades of blue! I tried counting them all but then I gave up! The place is Redang Island, in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia. Visit Sky Watch Friday to see more skies from around the world. Better still share your own skies.


When I say beauties on the roads of Kuala Terengganu in Malaysia I mean the modes of transport! When I spotted this bus first I was too far away to click a picture. But the next day I saw it on the roads near the Shahbandar Jetty area. I was standing on a slightly elevated […]


I loved the time I spent at Kuala Terengganu and Redang. We took a ferry from Jetty Shahbandar at Kuala Terengganu to go to the Redang Island. Before that we also spent a lot of time around the central market area. The sun was high but a bit diffused due to the clouds. But I […]