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Tintswalo Safari Lodge

Tweet This South African elephant was in a playful mood at the Manyeleti Game Reserve in the Limpopo region. They look so majestic. And all the rangers considered the charge of an elephant extremely dangerous. An African Elephant Splashing Mud, Manyeleti Game Reserve But for quite sometime on a lazy afternoon this one kept playing [...]


Tweet I lost a piece of heart in these bushes, if you ever find it do return it to me. The South African bush, you never know what delights it has in store for you! The Beautiful South African Bush It is all the more fascinating for what it hides rather than what it reveals, or [...]


Tweet My group was animatedly talking to each-other when we heard a strange voice. It was the Vervet Monkeys in the tree nearby. They don’t like being ignored. Vervet Monkeys, South Africa The lodge staff also told us that they would come to steal the breakfast! So this is my scheduled lazy Sunday photo. I [...]

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Tweet The light was way too low but the sight was divine. When the dusk fell at the Manyeleti Game Reserve, our tracker was shining his torch around the bush and soon enough it caught the eye of an animal. And what an animal it was! Oh the thrill to see an African lion to [...]

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Tweet I expected to see wild animals on a South African safari but I did not let my hopes rise beyond a point. After all my tiger sighting count in India is still stuck at zero after 4 different national parks! But the safari at the Manyeleti Game Reserve exceeded all expectations. Too Close for [...]


Tweet I could see the Franklin quite commonly on my my safaris in the Manyeleti Game Reserve in the Limpopo province in South Africa. Franklin, A South African Bird And it is one noisy bird. It usually stays on the ground and would run away shrieking and howling whenever our jeeps would go too close [...]