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Tweet Do you have a bucket list for travel? Do you try to travel out of it? What all features on it? I have toyed with the idea of a bucket list but I never got around making it. I can see the uses of such a list, it would keep me busy for years [...]


Tweet I am often on war with the world just before leaving the station. I am about to leave for Sri Lanka in a few days time. And it feels like a war right now. Some of the symptoms are- I am unable to reply to the comments on my blog and when that happens [...]


Tweet I never booked a flight onAir India till the recent past. I still got to fly Air India and Air India Express on invitations but never with my own money. But this has changed now. When I was searching for Sri Lanka tickets the cheapest I got was on Air India so I had [...]


Tweet I am sometimes asked- when did I start to travel? Well there are two answers to it. One is that I started traveling after I stopped being active at sports. But these days a different answer suggests itself to me. And that is, I hardly travel! I have not yet started traveling, I want [...]


Tweet You read my rant about all my trips getting cancelled. You read my yesterday’s post about nothing in particular! But finally it looks like that travel Gods are looking my way again. Remember that cancelled Kashmir trip? Well I now have the tickets for Srinagar and an invitation from the Khyber Himalayan Resort and [...]


Tweet It has been quite sometime since I traveled. OK it is has been quite sometime since I traveled in my dictionary. I did go out in January to Alwar but I get extremely restless if I do not get out once a month. February is about to end and there is no trip in [...]