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Tracking a Tiger

by Mridula on May 1, 2014

in Canon D550,India,Photography,Rajasthan

Tweet Have you ever wondered how do they go about tracking a tiger? We were sitting in a jeep deep inside the zone 5 of Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan. This was the zone where in the morning two tiger cubs had been spotted. Above the noise of the the Gypsy I couldn’t hear a thing. Suddenly [...]


Tweet When you go to a tiger reserve in India, you of course wish to sight the tiger. But remember it is a wild animals, it has a free will of its own. The only place where a tiger sighting is guaranteed is the zoo. In the jungle you have to do tapasya to see [...]


Sariska Tiger Reserve

by Mridula on February 15, 2014

in Canon D550,India,Photography,Rajasthan

Tweet Sariska Tiger Reserve is just a hop and a skip away from NCR which makes it an ideal weekend getaway! If you don’t like to drive (like me) Shatabdi Express Train is a good option. You need to get down at Alwar and then take a bus going to Jaipur. Sariska is on the [...]


Wildlife Sightings

by Mridula on December 2, 2013

in Canon D550,India,Photography

Tweet Whenever I go to the jungle I am stuck by the enthusiasm of the naturalists. I mean, how many people you know who are in their twenties and they wish to work away from the civilization where the nearest cinema might be 70 kilometers away? As I visited three national parks within a month [...]


Why Do We Go to the Jungle?

by Mridula on October 29, 2013

in Madhya Pradesh,Photography,Travel

Tweet I was sitting at the dining deck of the Ken River Lodge (on invitation by Pugdundee Safaris) after the evening safari at the beautiful jungle of the Panna National Park in MP India. My eyes felt good as they had seen a river, so much greenery and wild animals, birds and butterflies in the [...]


Tweet The African landscape possesses a powerful mystique that begs to be captured on film. Many adventure-hungry visitors travel to the world’s second biggest continent to experience the raw and unique beauty that has been the star of nature documentaries and conservation studies for decades. Whilst mini-series like the BBC’s Africa lure many to one [...]

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