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Tweet As Bhutan is our neighbor I was not too worried about the dress code for women before I went! Looking at the temperatures in July I knew I would need to wrap up. So I packed accordingly. Now that it has been some time since my visit I try to construct the dress code [...]


Tweet I became aware of the ‘dress code for women’ phenomenon because of my own travels. Gradually, I started doing such posts myself. There are two reasons for it, one I enjoy clicking the pictures immensely. Two, after reading the posts while searching for information and coming back from my trips to the same places, [...]


Tweet Before going to Jordan I was searching on the net to see what I could figure about dress code for women in Jordan. What I read, surprised me a little. I figured out that wearing sleeveless shirts was not  such a good idea, neither was wearing shorts, nor a short dress. I was curious [...]


Tweet Maldives is a beach destination. And you need to read no further if you are visiting a resort island. At a resort island there are just tourists and no restrictions on dress. However, I was visiting a budget island, Maafushi and Maldives is a Muslim nation. On Maafushi there is a local population. So, [...]


Tweet Is it really important to figure out what to wear when we go to another country? Isn’t it that we are increasingly becoming alike in our ways of dressing up? To some extant yes we all are becoming alike in many parts of the world and yet I think we retain our quirks as [...]


Dress Code for Women in Cambodia

by Mridula on September 16, 2013

in Cambodia,Canon D550,Photography

Tweet I usually search for the dress code when I am about to visit a new country. Being from India I cannot go really wrong as we are conservative in our dressing sense. But the advice I see often is done without any photos. I have now made it a habit to do a post [...]