Visiting the Amish in Lancaster PA

It has been a summer of getting the house together, barn painted and new windows in the office being key. Gardening and yard tending have filled the days and a few small trips have been taken. We decided to head to Lancaster PA better known as the Pennsylvania Dutch country in the morning, another place I have never been even though 8 million people a year do. The name Pennsylvania Dutch was a complete mistake, the Dutch really deriving from Deutsch or German. I am looking forward to seeing the Amish and sharing the slower pace that they do. While I will be traveling in my motorized buggy unlike the wagons they use, I plan on taking back roads. I downloaded some routes from the CVB site and settled on the one that passes many covered bridges, PA was the birth place of covered bridges. Lancaster County has the largest concentration with over 30, many still in use. Fittingly I switch on the TV early this morning to find the movie Witness on, it was filmed in Amish country with a look inside the lifestyle. Chicken and dumplings will surely fit in somewhere.

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