Living in a Strange Museum

I happened to run into Phyllis McCabe this weekend, another photographer with several books out. She brought up a dinner at the house she came to last Feb. and asked what new treasures I dragged back. I immediately told her about the new penis gourds bought in Papua, New Guinea and several bystanders giggled. Phyllis immediately told them that that I might just have one of the most unusual collections of strange stuff from around the world in NY.

I doubt that but I thought about stuff that I have brought home, the penis gourds are a great new addition but some memorable treasures include a cricket casket from China, the Berber rug made from natural dyes in Fez and huge clay statues from Peru. This old farmhouse from 1845 seems to be made for things that aren’t found everywhere; the old pine floors demand it. Yet at the same time it is a comfortable place, the fireplace and old farm table have their own demands, Chance’s friends always called it the museum. I call it home.

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