Famous Vegetarians

Having just returned from the farm stand down the road a piece I was passing newly started corn fields and catching a whiff of the strawberry pie on the back seat when I decided to do a meatless dinner. I do not eat a lot of red meat but do enjoy it. Chicken is the favorite dish but on a hot but breezy summer night I wanted fresh.

It made me think of Europe and the amazing food stalls found in even the big cities like Paris and Rome. Picture perfect even in the dead of winter, I could spend hours shooting pictures of Sicilian tomatoes mixed on a table with Spanish blood oranges. I have always been a pretty healthy eater except for perhaps my big fixation on Chicken Parm or deep fried shrimp. Being a vegetarian isn’t my cup of tea but some big names in history were. People such as da Vinci, Buddha, Plato, Gandhi, Tolstoy, Shakespeare and Shaw all packed themselves with veggies. Fruit and veggies on display are like a work of art.

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