The Freakiest Creature on the Planet, Ethiopian Marabou Storks

I am often asked about the best, coolest or strangest animals I’ve crossed paths with; it is a tough question and an easy answer is elephant, lion or such. In reality the strangest, ugliest or weirdest creature I faced is the Marabou Stork, in southern Ethiopia. These giant freaks of nature are the stuff nightmares are made of. In a fishing village we encountered scores of these creatures and the flap of ten feet of wing span inches above your head will haunt you. Their scab covered faces and meat cleaver beaks had me continually ready to hit the ground; I’d rather tussel with a tax bill. They often pick through lion leftovers but rubbish dumps are often like a McDonalds for these guys. That might account for their twenty five year life span, two fish head Macs to go please, hold the special sauce…

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