Best House Rental in Mendocino, Maybe the World

Okay I was quite ready to get to Mendocino and blog about the amazing ride from San Francisco past views of mountains, vineyards and other eye candy I passed through today. Once I got to Sea Dreams, the rental just outside of Mendocino I changed my whole thought trend. After traveling to Ninety-eight countries many several times I have to admit I am staying in heaven and the views are just damn stunning, best I’ve called home. The waves pound the cliffs and the lighthouse sends a dose of light ever so lovely. Match that with a house set up perfectly and this guy could actually take of his wandering shoes.

I have yet to check out the town, or even the rec room with pool table, master bedroom with fireplace and those views I did make it to. I am about to soak in the tub turn on the fireplace and use the gourmet kitchen. Heading into town tonight, not a chance I am in paradise. Rentals after this one has a huge place in my future here is Picassa pictures.

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