Everything 101, Lisa Sonne

I call her friend but Lisa Sonne wears many hats, writer, photographer and all round media guru. Here is a snippet from her bio: Lisa Sonne is an award-winning writer, author, innovator, producer, director, explorer, and photographer. She has written for an Oscar-winning documentary and an Emmy-winning televisions series. Her work has appeared in Time-Life and National Geographic publications, as cover stories for in-flight and college alumni magazines, and in the popular press from A (AAA magazines) to H (History magazine) to W (Wired.com) and Y (Yachting).

Lisa’s latest book, Everything 101 is out and a must have, Filled with info that make you feel like an MIT grad or perhaps a stand up comic. You’ll never not know again. I can attest that Lisa’s thirst for knowledge is huge; traveling with her is always filled with new and fun info.

The book can be found at Barnes and Nobles or on Lisa’s site Everything 101.

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One Comment on “Everything 101, Lisa Sonne

  1. Kent,

    I am so glad you’re bringing your large following’s attention to Everything 101. With it neatly tucked into the creases of our minds, we can all look smarter. And you’re right about Lisa–she’s been there, done that and hell bent on doing more at a pace few can keep up with. Don’t know about you, but I’ll stick to thumbing through Everything 101 for awhile.

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