Give Oslo the Peace Prize

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A few years ago after a week long trip on the Hurtigruten Ships up the coast of Norway in the dead of winter I got to spend a few days in Oslo. I remember such a wonderful city resplendent in its winter coat. What also stuck out was the friendly feel I received. I caught a march down the streets of International Woman’s Day a fun revelry with bras used as flags. My time there was way to short!

Every Nobel Prize is given out in Stockholm except the Nobel Peace Prize and I remember thinking that after a few days in Oslo that fit perfectly. The city certainly provided a peaceful experience to me. I am heartbroken over the acts of violence that Oslo has just been through due to the acts of one madman. I think of all those lives lost. I made a pledge today to return to the city ASAP. If I had the power I would propose that Oslo get the Peace Prize, at the very least good wishes from the whole world in general.