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Kent E. St. John 1955-2012

Kent E. St. John lived a life that many of us would envy, it was always lived to the very fullest and he saw more of the world than anyone I know. On Thanksgiving, at home, he passed… Read More

Home and Bear Hunting in Ulster County

It has been a very tough few weeks, cancer treatments can take an amazingly long time to get past, if ever. Still you plug away knowing you must. I even spent a few nights at the Sloan Hospital,… Read More

Long Beach Night on the Water

Finally feeling better, the words begining flow and able to put together the article pieces written. Double pneumonia isn’t easy to write having it. I can feel the built up damn of backed up words breaking and starting… Read More

More molaa Please!! Long Beach

Long Beach isn’t just an Urban Waterfront Playground it is also a haven of unique museums. My favorite being molaa… (Museum of Latin American Art). It houses works dating from 1945 till today and is the only museum… Read More