Double Pneumonia, Closer to the End

Perhaps it takes double pneumonia to really make you understand but I was totally into watching the RNC convention this past week, a bit hokey but hey I thought it would be. This coming week I have the DNC convention to occupy my idle mind.

It’s kind of like watching a low version of Super Bowl pre game shows, but I am now into it, completely! I saw way to many cheese head hats but hey double pneumonia is tough so any distraction helps getting through. It is the first time I’ve had any kind of pneumonia at all and I pray my last!

What is hard is reading any travel news at all, so badly miss the road, from a dirt path up to a super highway. Real pain is not being able to do what you love. Still I am encouraged when one of the Docs at Sloan display the amazement at how much quicker I am at healing then most cases they see. I get reports like that and my heart pumps with life.

For example I read Lonely Planets list of friendliest peoples and countries to now travel in. I was happy to see Samoa there as well as Ireland. Ireland has been a long time favorite and Samoa was my first visit, huge sized people gentle as lambs with huge smiles to match their size.

So DNC this week and swear the road soon, mental health requires it and soon. It need not be overly friendly or even far, not even an hour drive would hurt. I’m often asked how I am able to go through my diseases and problems.

Easy, I’m not ready to give up and have so much to do and yes even hokey things such as political conventions help. This week it is time to fill up the out box and get an inbox building. Kent E St John without any Pac to call my own

Writing, then Talk the Talk

I happened to catch the new slogan to attract visitors to the Catskill Mountains in the Daily Freeman this morning, “ The Catskills, Always in Season”. I later read an email from a PR Firm that handles travel. I immediately though how there are so many different words and phrases that make up a mini-language a sub –talk understood by those in a profession or team. For example hosting meaning no payment for accommodations or services during a visit to a location. I can easily see where a newcomer could get very confused until the buzzwords are learned.

It made me think of a book I bought a long way back called, “Talk the Talk, The Slang of 65 American Subcultures”. The lingo of Birders, Circus People, Nudists and such are given in dictionary like layout. I happened to be finishing an article on Long Beach and thought why not see if there was a section that might fit for my trip in the book. I found several and decided to try this afternoon, sharpen up the piece. Sharpen up the piece, fresh from the writer’s section! The next time I end up at a skinhead bash or chasing a robin through the woods I’ll pull out Talk the Talk and do just that. Pull up my braces and get ready for the boot party

A New Family Tradition, Picture Cards From Around the World

I have a new batch of photos hanging up at Family Traditions where I just finished a month long show. I love the place and couldn’t be happier! Also putting together cards and once again sorting through thousands of pictures to use. A good start has begun and hope to have some ready for this weekend to put in Family Traditions. It might be time to get a web page up for pictures and cards to sell. Would love to do it under the GoNOMAD site if possible. All in all keeping busy and even my long term book project is moving again. One very important thing left to put together for this summer, a last road trip, a must.

Drone on Parrot 2, Super Fly

You would think after 16 years of flying internationally a week every month approximately, I would never want to fly again! Lately I love it more and more especially when I’m doing the piloting. Well as close as possible anyway. My new addiction started with the little matchbox size helicopters for indoors to the amazing Drone Parrot 2.

These machines can fly up to 165ft up and away. They dip and dive and respond to your moves. The best part is you really feel like you’re in it as the HD camera onboard plays as you fly. You’re looking down and seeing what the pilot would see. Far below its me on the ground, the house looks ant size and the view wonderful. It is the closest you can get to feeling a bit like Superman.