Madrid Madness

This morning as I turned on the TV I caught the moment of silence for the dead because of the train bombings in Madrid. It was a year ago today that the mad bombs killed hundreds of Madrid citizens. Their Sept. 11th. It brought back memories of an assignment I was working on for Transitions Abroad, language study in Madrid. A piece also is on GoNOMAD archives. I was staying with an elderly couple in an elegent apartment in the Salamanca area. There was another American student staying also. This was during the Bush and Gore recount. Daily we suffered through questions and comments from the other students from around Europe. We both had finally had enough and said so. It was the last time the blue and red states united totally. Except of course after the days of Sept.11th. Tolerance is best learned at home.

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Singapore Sling

Two days till I fly the longest commercial air route in the world. Fortunately it is on the consistently number one, Singapore. It is 18 1/2 hours from Newark to Singapore. Long haul for a pack a day guy! The fact that I am flying Raffles Class certainly will take the sting out. This airline is so together that I can place my dinner choices today, Lobster Newburg or Filet? Those are two out of six that caught my eye. To check out how badly I will suffer click on

After a few days in Singapore I am headed to Batam, an island located 12 klicks out of the city on the South China Sea. Hey, I’m working! Sure I will post some mishaps along the way. I guarantee it!

Help is on the Way

As Max and I headed to our homes after the NY Times Travel Show we talked about how lucky we were to do what we love, write and publish. It sure isn’t for the money! We talked about the great contacts and friends met while searching out new destinations to visit. The conversation soon veered to our respective entry into the travel writing and editing game. Who published your first piece? Who was the editor? Then finally how did you get past the writers catch twenty-two. The please, “query with clips request”. It seemed insurmountable at the time.

That conversation led to a plan to help perspective travel writers get a little help. The plan is a mixture of grant and contest. For info check or Travel writers is also a good place to get inside info on the travel writing lifestyle. Read the bulletin board and get some great info.

In the Beginning

After wandering through the NY Times Travel Show yesterday I thought about all the places left to visit. Then I thought about all the places I have been to as senior travel editor for I am used to doing articles but blogging will allow me to fill in the little observations of destinations. That special moment when a cold beer, great view and local newspaper merge. So many quirky moments slip away while away. Spending a great deal of time on the road lends itself to lots of reading. I hope to share some of the best and worst travel writing I encounter.

Over the last few years I have loved checking in some very special blogs by Jen Leo, Rolf Potts and Max Hartshorne. In that spirit I hope to let people get a glimpse into the on going global tripping that my life as a travel writer is. Both good and bad. The tourism boards and CVB boards and people that live the travel writing life.