My Five Pet Travel Peeves

Peace and Quiet
For me travel is a form of escape, from my daily routine and from my job. If I am trekking then I do not carry a mirror, it is an escape from my own image in the mirror. Here are the five pet travel peeves I have when I travel in India.
5. People who approach scenic places in their over speeding cars with blaring music. Have some mercy on me, I have been trying exactly to escape it by coming to such a far away place. OK, the car is required but can’t I be spared the latest bhangra craze?4. People who organize parties with loud music till wee hours of night in peaceful places otherwise devoid of any night life. I wish they would stay away from sleepy towns. All I want is sleep at a reasonable hour and I am denied because of the stupid loud music they were playing. And it has happened to me more than I would like to remember.

3. People who shout their lungs out in restaurants in India, mostly telling everyone how good their last European vacation was. Do us a favor and go to Europe again instead of coming to below your dignity Indian holiday. I love Europe but then I also love my Indian holidays. It is not fair to mix the two and others around you may not be interested in knowing about your European holiday!

2. People who assume I am getting bored because I am sitting quietly and gazing at nothing in particular. Then they offer me to join their musical chair or some such stupid game. Someone once even said “poor girl, how morose she looks,” when in fact I was enjoying the sight of a river and listening to so many birds chirping.

1. People who throw cans, plastic, rappers and tin foils all over the place. They completely freak me out and leave me seething with rage.