Oxford City Center- If I Had to Pick One Picture!

Uber Mensch asked me to do a Meme (don’t ask me what they are, I only know tags). From the blog-

Here is the new meme. It is simple, easy and gives no room for whining one usually associates with a meme. All you have to do is select and upload one photo that you have clicked this year that is special to you. Could be anything…aesthetic, technical or personal. Also, put in a short note why it is special.

Oxford City Center, Oxford, UK

Oxford City Center, Oxford, UK

I picked up the above picture for many reasons. One, I went abroad after 4 long years and it felt nice (all my trips abroad have been for work, we do not holiday abroad). It felt nice to be in a ‘foreign’ country again. It was a nice feeling that I again have the opportunity to work on the things I like.

I visited Leeds, Oxford and London and I think I enjoyed my stay in Oxford the most. The reason is very simple. Oxford is a very walking friendly city and I love to walk. That is the reason why I picked up the picture above. Reminds me of all the long walks that I took.

Update- I wrote a mail to Uber Mensch saying I did the post and he said the meme is not compete as I have not passed it on. Well, here are five people I pass it on to.

Paul Shoul– Ace photographer from Gonomad, I simply love his pictures. If he does this meme, then it would be really interesting to see which one he picks up.

Arun– Another ace photographer, who doesn’t blogs as much as I would like to read him. Let us see what he would come up with.

Dev– The ‘pizza man’ has worked in/with advertising, let us see if he has time to do this and what picture is dear to him this year.

Anil– Can I miss on one of my favorite travel blogger? He too blogs far less than what I would like to read.

Arun Nair– He was asking about SLRs, so let us see what he likes to capture.