Nora Treats Us to a Glimpses of The Past on Sardinia

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Nora was once a Phoenician settlement, on the East coast of Sardinia.
Nora was once a Phoenician settlement, on the East coast of Sardinia.

We packed a lot into yesterday, but the highlight was Nora. She is an old gal who lives by the sea, a Phoenician-Roman ruins site that was once a well defended coastal town. Now these ruins show the levels of ancient civilizations, layer over layer, and as you walk by the former forum, or the home of the patrician, you can imagine life inside these tiny rooms that are just shells now.

The pounding sea made a calming background noise as we toured around the former town at the tip of land sticking out just east of the city of Caligiari.

After cocktails and dinner with lots of the excellent Sardinian wines, we were regaled by a band that included a giant mandolin and a curious ree

Nora ruins, Sardinia.
Nora ruins, Sardinia.

d instrument with three reeds played at once. The backdrop was a 10 foot screen showing scenes in nature of the wild interior of Sardinia….it was quite a site

combined with these five musicians to see the beauty and rough hewn cliffs that border this large island.

Today we get more of a peek into Sardinian ways of life and meet some of the people who make the wine and create the menus we have been enjoying during our stay.

These Phoenician ruins, located right on the water, are outside of the capital city of Caligiari and were not at all crowded. It’s not every day you can see what’s left of the Phoenicians, who came way before the Romans!

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