It Felt Like Flying

Sea Bird at Surathkal
As promised yesterday, I played TT today and it felt wonderful (as if I had got wings) . In reality I was actually not able to move much (let alone fly). And in a doubles game (that is what we play mostly) not being able to move well is a huge liability.

I have said before and I repeat, long time back I have played TT competitively and represented my state. So I give people on the other side of the table a tough time. And usually all of us give our 200% while playing. But today people did consider my injured ankle and played in a relaxed manner and that was quite surprising.

One of the strategies my colleagues used was to hit on the extreme opposite from where I was standing and so many times I could just stand see the ball whizzing by! Another of their strategies was that if my partner is to pick up the ball hit it close to me, as I would be unable to move out of the way! That too was successful to an extent. But all in all it was good fun, and as I am writing this there is a huge grin on my face!

And when of my colleagues got a phone call, two of us (and let me grant it my opponent is just slightly ahead of being a beginner) quickly played a singles. Now in singles (quite unlike doubles) I can cover a lot of table by standing in the middle squarely. So whatever fond hopes he had of taking advantages of my injury, actually the outcome was not very different. I won 21-7 (yes we still play games of 21 and have not switched to games of 11 with two serves each).

But then all that is besides the point. All of us just had a good time.