Dutch Diners near Pennsylvania

Glass Jars at the Dutch Pantry off I-80

On our road trip to Pittsburgh, we stopped at a couple of Dutch diners for a taste of American roadside food. Whenever my husband and I hit the road, we try and check out atleast one diner. If we don’t get the time or don’t like what we see, there’s always the golden arch of a Mc Donald’s drive-in.  

Off Interstate 81 we found the Dutch Kitchen Restaurant. The food and service were good and the dining-car like interior was pretty cool. The placemats had red and white checks while the barstools had bright red tops. To top it all, every table had a juke box. Very American. Very charming.

On our way back we stopped by at the Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant off Interstate 80. Food and service was again good while the interior was packed with items for sale. We were served drinks in cute glass jars with handles. “We used to sell these earlier,” explained our waitress with a smile. I thought I spied “french fries” in my salad description and thought of giving it a shot. Sure enough, my salad had fries in it.  I for one am not complaining!