A Diner with a Sense of Humor

Wolfer's Diner. Havre, Montana. Photo by Esha Samajpati. All rights reserved ©

The above picture is from a diner off  US Highway 2 in northern Montana. I loved its classic look and feel, very fifties. To make matters more interesting there was this poster of  a glaring Yosemite Sam riddled with fake bullet holes which dared you to complain. If you look closely, it says ‘Complaint Department – Whine at Your Own Risk’. Part of the Looney Tunes family, Yosemite Sam is a gun-toting cowboy who hates rabbits. He prides himself on being “the meanest, toughest and rip-roarin’-est”! His words, not mine.

The diners along US highways are open round-the-clock. Although they may look the same, each one has a unique character and usually the food is just what you need after driving for hours at a stretch. Right from the checkered decor to the mandatory ketchup to the occasional juke box, everything says road food with dollops of Americana.  When on a road trip, I look forward to these wayside diners as much as the drive and the destination.