Beautiful Weekend in Santa Barbara

Tangerine Falls, Santa Barbara

There are certain things that make me smile, make me tick.

Lee Ann Womack’s voice, Giada’s existence.

These are good things.

Santa Barbara isn’t so bad, either.

While most of the country is buried in snow and ice, we’re over here taking off our shirts, raising our sails.

Unfortunately, Lolita (my boat) did not get wet this weekend, although Falling Senior certainly did.

And it’s all so easy to overlook, to take for granted.  There’s nothing stopping me from spending the day inside watching football, feeling hungover and eating food that’s delivered to my door.

I spent half my life in that routine, but that’s when John Elway was still playing.

The View of the Pacific Ocean When Your Back is to Tangerine Falls (Click for the Full Effect)

On Saturday morning, instead of sleeping off the hangover, we hiked to Tangerine Falls.  What a blessing it was to feel that sunshine on our shoulders, the hot breeze on our faces, hearing the water flow down the mountain.

The view at our backs didn’t hurt, either.

Honestly, my purpose is not to brag.

That said, I guess it is sort of self-indulgent.

Oh well, I wasn’t really doing it to impress you, anyhow.