“It takes all sorts to make a world, Jeeves.”

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The incessant snowstorms and blizzard warnings of the last few weeks have put my travel plans on the back-burner and as I am apt to do in times like these, I have turned to P.G. Wodehouse. Having finished with “Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves” yesterday, my current companion is “Eggs, Beans and Crumpets” and so far it has not disappointed. Of course, nowadays you don’t see people reading books as much as before, they are either on their phones or e-readers. As I fished out a hard-cover book from my bag and settled into a worn-out sofa at the dentist’s office, I could tell that it won’t be long before books lose their place in our entertainment mish-mash.

Talking of which, I watched Sunday’s Superbowl from start to end. Very entertaining if you ignore the half-time show ( I liked the Black-Eyed Peas a lot more before this weird robotic performance) and the pre-game faux pas by Christina Aguilera. The commercials were of interest to me (no surprise there!) and so was the game itself. Add to it good food and some great company, and you have a winner of an evening!