Dining Al Fresco with L.A.’s Finest Hotel Chef – Manfred Lassahn


Manfred Lassahn is the most prized Executive Chef at the renowned Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in L.A.

As a 23-year veteran of the hotel industry his career in the kitchen is glorified by busy business travelers, hotel management and younger peers. His seasonal fall menu at the Breeze Restaurant debuted Monday and I was the first journalist invited to enjoy the newest menu additions.

Pinch me please. I’m not a food writer nor can I cook beyond boiling pasta but I can appreciate great flavors when I taste them.

When I’m on the west coast I have to have the fish tacos. The Baja white sea bass with all the fix’ins was delicious and enough but that didn’t stop Sous-Chef Ali Parvinjah from bringing out the works.

First up – the roasted chicken tortilla soup. Incredible.

Next up – Ali’s own creation, the Crab Cake with summer harvest heirloom tomato preserves, blistered (grilled) white corn, naval oranges, fennel, cilantro and Hass avocados.

My server Patty explained that “Hass” represents one of the creamiest and tastiest avocados, a fruit of the highest caliber for making guacamole.

Then, having already surpassed my limit, my newest BFF presents me with the signature CP bread pudding with vanilla brandy sauce. Help! I need a handcart to pick up my belly.

I’m not even going to mention the new “Gourmet” stone baked pizza I took home.

Step off Wolfgang Puck – “Manny” as he’s affectionately known to his apprentices, is L.A.’s top chef in my book. Regardless if you’re a guest at the Hyatt Century Plaza this is the place to dine on a regular basis when on the west coast.