Love UK 3D Canvas Photo Competition

I decided to check out the Love UK 3D Photo Competition at DLF Place, Saket today. I decided to take the Metro to Saket and then try and figure out where the DLF Place mall was.

DLF Place, Saket, New Delhi
DLF Place, Saket, New Delhi

When I got out at Saket Metro station there was no mall in sight. So I asked an auto driver how far DLF Place was.He said it was quite far but gave me the directions too. Walking was a bad idea in the end, not because the place was too far away but because the day was very hot. So after walking for quite some time and dripping in sweat I reached the DLF Place.

Love UK 3D Canvas Photo Competition
Giving Finishing Touches

As soon as I walked a few feet this was the view that greeted me. There were monsters, there was a boat and there was the artist at work. I was happy that they had not started yet, I wanted to eat something and desperately longed for a cup of tea.

Visit Britain 3D Canvas Photo Competition
More Checks

So at this stage when the display screens etc were being checked I decided to head for a quick bite. But before that I asked the artist (wish I had asked his name as well) how many days it took them to paint it. They said it took them about 5 days! I have often said that I can’t even draw a line straight with a scale hence for me this art is simply awesome.

Pani Puri
Pani Puri at DLF Place

So after having Pani Puri, Idli Sambar and Tea I headed back to the Love UK 3D Canvas Photo Competition area. Now there were people around and the fun had started.

Love UK 3D Canvas Photo Competition
The Complete Canvas

I can assure you that it was very difficult to get the entire canvas empty but I managed to capture it somehow when there was a moment of lull. I am actually waiting to claim my photo on the Facebook. I stood on the boat to get my picture clicked but more later when I can show you the official pictures.

Love UK 3D Canvas DLF Place Saket New Delhi
Something Official About it?

I think this group was associated with the competition, but I am guessing simply because they were more formally dressed. But it was fun watching then give it a go.

British Airways, Official Partner of the Love UK 3D Canvas Photo Competition
The Lady Poses for the Camera

I think I will talk more about my picture once it is upon the Love UK Facebook Competition site but it is difficult to believe that I could get quite silly in the end, quite unlike this graceful British Airways lady.