Fly Fishing for the “Gray Ghost”

Bonefish Fishing

Bill is in fishing nirvana in this photo.

Nicknamed the “gray ghost”, bonefish found on Bonaire are not easy to catch. Some anglers spend years trying to hook the slippery silver bullets. Many don’t have the patience or technique needed to work a fly rod to reel in one of strongest and fastest moving salt-water fish.

But, about 15 minutes in, beginners luck helped our heroine catch the first bonefish of the day, even minutes before his buddy Gary – the fly fishing fanatic, did. The competition was on after that.

Bonefish like warm inshore tropical waters. They move in small groups or pairs and normally are caught for sport then returned to the water.

Our guide took us to the southernmost end of Bonaire to find a school of happy pectoral fins swimming in water no more than 8-inches deep. The production team, that would be Sylvia and me, tried not to spook the waters with our equipment. We used special housing to protect our camera as we captured the show from underwater.

Following this photo, Bill caught a fearsome 11-inch barracuda. The Netherlands Antilles is so well known for this ferocious figure that Bonaire’s own school swim team are called the Barracudas.