Gut Stellshagen, Germany, a Bio Lovers Dream Hotel

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I’m not one to push a vegetarian lifestyle but as for living green, I’m a fan. The award winning Hotel Gutshaus Stellshagen is an amazing place and testament to just what can be done under green living. Like all of the castles visited on my eastern Germany trip the Guthaus (Manor) has its share of interesting stories. During WWII when the Russians closed in the current matriarch of the family had to flee. The family bought the property back over fifty years later. She over sees her son-in law and daughter from the house she fled so long ago.

The main manor house houses the dining room, conference space and a cozy lounge as well as bakery. Most of the rooms are in several out building, all different and well done. The surroundings are farm fields, stands of forest and pond and the pool is a natural one. Linden trees line the driveway and orchards lie beyond, the fruit used. Green houses are filled with vegetables used in the kitchen. In fact I must admit I felt down right relaxed and well after my tour. To top it off the vegetarian buffet lunch was delicious! This is a place that might just be able to convert a serious carnivore. Small conferences and health conscience get togethers often stay here and a very health orientated SPA rounds out the offerings. Click on the blue to see the film made about the place!