Mexico Tops my List

I ‘m not sure if its because Max is headed or watching a back episode of No Reservations of Tony in Mexico or the smiling skulls I have throughout the house. The skeleton figures found all over Mexico relate to Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead falling on Nov 2 that ‘s done it but Mexico is singing loud and clear in my head. Lil and I tried to figure out how many times we’ve fled South of the Border, one of benefits of living for years in Arizona. We reminisced about our son Chance being the one tow -headed gringo on the beach surrounded by brown bodies on the beach. In those days we headed to the lesser known places, rented houses and submerged, shopping in the markets was always a kick and great way to meet expats and locals.

If moving around we never made reservations, amazing small unique hotels were easily found and comparatively cheap, Instead of Cabo it would be Loreto, Guanajuato instead of San Miguel, you get it. I once spent a week alone in Mexico City and it was amazing, life with all its ups and downs, a roller coaster ride in the finest way. We always swore that when we got older we would spend a lot of time, “down there”. After battling cancer going on two years it might just be time to taking advantage of Lil’s summers off as a teacher.