Rise Above the Crowd in Lower Manhattan

Elevated Acre, NYC

A longtime NYC resident and friend has lived in the Financial District of lower Manhattan since before there were banks. Okay, maybe not that long but long enough to know where to go to capture cool kodak moments. 55 Water Street is one of them.

Elevated Acre is a “POP” or privately-owned public space that was completely renovated in 2005 thanks to the Municipal Arts Society and City Planning. It’s a rehabilitated green space that sits next to the Chase Bank accessible by two huge escalators.

There are hundreds of POPS in the city, 503 to be exact, and all are instrumental in providing breathing room in high-density commercial areas like Wall Street.

This one-acre urban mecca was empty and extremely windy the evening Jennifer and I visited. We took in breathtaking night views of the Brooklyn Bridge, FDR drive and the East River and had fun playing model in front of this 50 foot tall Beacon of Progress Light Sculpture.

With paths, gardens, and tall varieties of grass hugging small wooden benches this is the ideal place to escape an office cubicle or enjoy at lunch hour. In the summer, a giant lawn caters to up to 750 people who gather every Tuesday for free movie screenings.

Elevated Acre, NYC