Running a Half Marathon in The Adirondacks

Paul Smith's Half Marathon Race

Why run a 5K on the concrete streets of Albany when you can run a half marathon on the lush trails of the Adirondacks?

Today marked the last in a series of four runs called The Paul Smith’s College VIC Trail Run Series.

26 runners from as far away as Ottawa, Canada came to compete in the 13.1 mile race through forest habitats, past marshes, over dams, under white pines and on top of narrow foot bridges.

Instead of police sirens and car horns runners enjoyed the haunting calls of loons and the wind rattling the branches of ancient oaks and the crunch of newly-fallen leaves under their feet.

While walking the Boreal Life Interpretive Trail at Paul Smith’s College today George and I stopped to cheer on the wet but resilient first wave of finishers. Good job to winner Matt Harrison who finished with a time of 1:41:52.

VIC Trails - Half Marathon

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