Steve Jobs and Good Advice

Of all the things I read or heard about Steve Jobs I think his commencement speech given at Stanford in 2005 is the most moving. I was also college drop out and believe that it never impeded me in anyway. He mentioned that without dropping out his visions would never have come to fruition. The second do what you love don’t settle, Even after getting booted from Apple he went back to what he loved. The third was death, live every day as if you’re last. ‘Death is the only destination we all share. Your time is limited so don’t waste it.

AS I sat and listened I thought a lot about what he said, especially after going on two years of fighting cancer. I was never a Steve Jobs fan and in fact just recently started using Apple products. This speech however was a glimpse into what I missed in a fellow 1955 birth child. When I hear he died young I certainly agree, I got more living to do.