The Bad Boy of Jet Blue

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I still chuckle a bit when I think of the Jet Blue attendant who slid down the escape ramp a while ago while it was still on the tarmac. I think it is the thought of the rotund jokester holding on to a brew his chubby legs swaying in the breeze. Steven Slater is back from the Mental Health Court (didn’t know there was one) after serving his mandated mental-rehab stint. The one time NY Post cover boy still has a year probation before taking to the skies again according to a piece on page 29 of that same paper. When asked if he would ever fly with Jet Blue again he said, “Not till hell freezes over”. May the earth’s warming pattern stay high enough to keep him grounded?

He is 35 pounds less and Mr. Slater is somehow convinced that his actions are a one-way ticket to glory and fame. He is writing a book covering his years passing out drinks and policing the rows and telling customers to shut the F up. I can only hope that chapter three covers some good advice such as storing some of your carry on in the space above or having the correct change for a drink while flying. At the very least a chapter about which beer to drink while escaping off a sitting plane should be included.

I cannot imagine his act of lunacy making Steven a literary giant, a man filled with knowledge and acumen. Perhaps a reality show like the Real Flyboys of Jet Blue should follow. If that be the case I’ll pull the rip chord and evacuate. Though my actions will not keep a plane full of people get stuck for hours on their sofa seats. Perhaps he could be sentenced to having to watch the pilot show every day for a year.