TLC at Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

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Donkey Sanctuary

Few animals are as docile and tame as a donkey. And, thanks to the efforts of Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire hundreds are saved from cruelty, dangerous driving habits and miserable street conditions.

Since 1993 Dutch-born Marina Melis has helped sick, wounded and orphaned donkeys by providing shelter, food, water and proper medical attention.

There are over 400 orphaned donkeys at their sanctuary with arrivals coming in daily. Interns and volunteers including vets help Marina spread hay during feeding hours and provide the animals with tender loving care. Still, every day a donkey or two arrives dying along a roadside, malnourished and suffering from injuries to severe to save.

Donkeys have been living on Bonaire for hundreds of years but it was actually the Spaniards that brought them over during the 17th century. Once modern transport was introduced the need for the donkey disappeared.

Donkeys are not treated kindly and Marina has seen victims stoned to death, others with their ears cut off and even one donkey burned alive. A very troubling and extremely sad situation.