Undercover in Kingston NY

I am undercover in Kingston NY tonight, due to the power getting knocked out. I used to rough it and actually get into it but the need to keep building myself back up requires having heat. I decided to see what a tourist getting off the Thruway would go through. So far so good, a super rate at the Holiday Inn (okay I let a friend that manages the place in on my plans) and so far so good room nice. I have gone through the room guide for nearby restaurants trying to forget that I’ve eaten in them all uncountable times. Going by the HI’s advice I pick a local Italian place located in Kingston’s beautiful uptown area. I can tell this isn’t going to work I know the menu by hard and have already picked. It has been awhile since I’ve stopped by several places in town without having to think about driving home. Think I’ll just check out Kingston as a local but the comfortable room at the HI will add a twist.