Use All Nine Lives, Purr Loud and Often

I’ve always been teased as the cat with nine lives, deserved in High School and College I must admit. I have been hearing that a lot the last few days after crashing on route 7A last week in Vermont. Whatever the case is, except for feeling like I played an NFL game with no gear, I feel pretty good. After tests by the hospital in Bennington and my own good home healer Doc Taylor I seem to be running in good condition. After two cancer treatments I consider that a miracle.

I awoke as the car left the asphalt on 7A just in time to see I was in deep trouble, that bank and ditch were moving in fast. Strangely though time seemed to be moving very slowly and I feel like I had minutes to get a thought in, though seconds is the reality. I remember calmly thinking, “ah so this is how it ends”. It wasn’t in a panicky or troubled way. It actually was in a sort of distant way, strange indeed.

I have had a lot of time over the course of the last two years to contemplate just what the end is. All I have come up with is to purr loud and as often as possible while you can. Don’t miss a single cat life. I have started my travel bucket list, Cambodia starts it.