Enjoying the Temps on Mount Tremper

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Mount Tremper

Mount Tremper

Who in their right mind would opt to shop on a day like this? It was much too nice to stay indoors so, at a balmy 55-degrees and climbing, George and I hit the road for the Catskills.

Technically, Mount Tremper isn’t part of the Catskill Mountain 3500 Club. It’s height is only 2,740 feet, well below the required elevation. Still, it offers a steady 6-mile round-trip journey with a fire tower on top and gurgling brook alongside the trail.

And, even though the top floor to the fire tower was locked, I got fabulous panoramas from the steal lookout.

What I like about Mount Tremper is the wide, open path that leads past an old quarry, a natural spring and the Baldwin Memorial Lean-To. Switchbacks crisscross the mountain until you reach a plateau but you still have a bit more walking to do to reach the summit.

Surprisingly, we only saw 4-5 other hikers taking advantage of the weather.