Everyone Has a High School, Binghamton is Serling’s

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Binghamton Highschool

Binghamton Highschool

This is not a theater on Broadway or even off-Broadway – this is Binghamton High School.

Unlike most schools, the stage is plenty big enough for musical performances, dance competitions and visual arts. The colorful skylight has been carefully preserved and the dental molding sets the mood of an old vaudeville showpiece.

And, thanks to Drama Director Larry Kassan, it’s here that the Rod Serling Video Festival has been held annually since 1995. Kassan has a piece of the stage door with Serling’s tag signature hanging on his office wall.

Serling grew up in Binghamton and graduated here in 1943. After WWII his creative writing skills brought him to TV where he wrote and hosted THE TWILIGHT ZONE. It was a smash success and earned Binghamton a place in the annals of distinguished graduates.

Mr. Kassan graciously invited me to judge the 2012 Festival competition. “Of course!” I said. I would be thrilled to judge the winning entries shot and edited by students from around the state.

A call for entries goes out now through May 1, 2012 to write, shoot and edit your own 5-minute masterpiece.