Go West Old Man, Back to New Mexico

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As sure as Cabeza de Vaca wandered the West as the first European, Kicking Ghost danced and Man in the Cloud gazed at the canyons, I will return for a visit to the West. I watched Ken Burn’s The West today on the new Apple TV and memories of my 13 years living in Arizona were stirred. Frequently I would jump in the Jeep Wrangler and just head out, no set plans. Clad in old jeans, dusty cowboy boots and tee shirt, tanned and younger. Often I would end up in the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico.

Though somewhat older and a bit more used, I plan on going to Taos and Santa Fe soon, Christmas time there is magical as some ancient traditions are played out. Luminaries line adobe dwellings shimmering on snowy nights. I stayed in a very special place years ago in Taos, Casa de las Chimeneas. I stayed in the Library Suite and it was amazing, I can smell the pinion pine from the fireplace now! I had thirteen great years living in Scottsdale, the West surrounding me. It is time to revisit.