Last Minute Hotel Rates

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LUXE Radio City Apartments

In a market economy hotel prices are based on supply and demand. Overnight stays are constantly changing depending on the night, day of the week and season you book.

Sometimes this works against you and other times you can score a really affordable room.

While in NYC last weekend, I booked an overnight at a LUXE property a block from Radio City Music Hall. It was exactly where I needed to be for descent parking and the one-block walk to Rockefeller Center with a sister who has physical issues.

But to afford the apartment suite, I had to wait until the very last minute to book the reservation.

I held out until the very last day – keeping track of their website and watching their normally $450 room rate drop closer to $230. That was the price that fit my budget.

It’s a risk but worth it. Besides, getting a room in a city as competitive as New York is never a gamble. You can always use my two other favorite sites to find something – Last Minute Travel and Table Hotels.