Luring Yourself to Schodack Island State Park

Schodack Island State Park

After 150 million years sturgeons are thriving again in the Hudson. Seriously.

Hiking the well-groomed trails of the Schodack Island State Park I discovered that the endangered sturgeon is making a come-back in the murky upstate river.

Thousands of shortnose sturgeon now migrate back and forth between Manhattan and Albany. Fisherman are still requested to toss the species back because the contamination in the water is still dangerous for consumption.

In the 70s, the scaly freshwater species was almost fished for their tasty flesh and caviar-like eggs. Sturgeon was the source of smoked meat known as Albany beef.

Find the time to read more when you hike the eight miles of nature trails equipped with clean bathrooms, new launching sites, benches, picnic tables, grills and interpretive signage highlights the historic significance of the island.