My Secret Place

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Mount Mansfield, Vermont. Photo by Pinaki Chakraborty. All rights reserved ©

This post is part of the Bootsnall 30 Days of Indie Travel Project Prompt #26: PHOTO

The photo is from 2009, when my husband and I hiked up to Mount Mansfield’s summit in Vermont. The mountain resembles the reclining profile of a man and so certain high points are referred to as Chin, Nose and Forehead. Extreme climatic conditions of the ridgeline support the growth of a unique alpine eco-system.

On reaching the summit, I sat on the bare rocks for some time, taking in the gorgeous view. At 4,395 feet above sea-level, the Chin is the highest point of Mount Mansfield which makes it Vermont’s highest peak. As the sun rays began filtering in through the morning mist, I looked dreamily at the vista ahead of me and wondered if I could somehow capture the moment in my mind in a way which would make it possible for me to imagine myself at the summit whenever I felt like I needed a break. This stolid peak would then be my secret place, a sanctuary for my thoughts, hopes and fears.