Capitol Chamber Artists Enrich Our Community

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PilotGirl had the fortunate opportunity to videotape the wonderful Capitol Chamber Artists this season. Here’s a little sample of their talent and skill.

Flutist Irvin Gilman is a virtuoso in his eighties but can hold a note as strong as when he was with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra years ago. He’s also played with the Albany Symphony Orchestra, Philadelphia Orchestra, Symphony of the Air, American Ballet Theater and Royal Ballet Orchestra.

Violinist Mary Lou Saetta, Cellist André Laurent O’Neil and Fortepianist Aniko Szokody are just as accomplished.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, Aniko Szokody flew over from Hungary to perform pieces by Clara and Robert Schumann at the First Congregational Church in Albany with the Capitol Chamber Artists.

Everyone is dedicated to playing timeless music that helps to enrich and promote the cultural depth of the Capital Region.