Fighting the Elements on Old Route 66

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Dancing Santa

Metro Albuquerque got hammered with hurricane-force winds last night.

The city’s 17th Annual Christmas Shop and Stroll event turned old Route 66 into a ghost town because of the crippling gusts.

Normally, thousands of locals and visitors come to historical Nob Hill to enjoy the holiday atmosphere of local businesses and restaurants. But, the city encouraged all to stay home due to the dangers and damage wreaking havoc on the area.

Satellite news trucks from the local affiliates stayed busy covering toppled trees and down power lines.

Santa had the dance floor to himself waltzing with the occasional passerby. The one trolley in town was eerily absent of passengers.

Even so, there was no shortage of hungry patrons at Scalo Grill Restaurant. Spirited carolers from the local high school helped lighten the mood and our server, a recent transplant from Brooklyn, was a treasure.

SCALO Italian Restaurant