Finding The Perfect Place for Your Portrait


The next best thing to having your own is taking photos of others.

‘Tis the season for taking family portraits for family and friends and downtown Albany is the place to take them. Outside of Manhattan, few cities have more iconic architecture for pleasing the eye.

The front of the Capital is still, obnoxiously, under construction but there’s also the Empire Plaza with the State Library and EGG, the SUNY Administration building (seen here), the Albany Town Hall, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church or The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Many of these majestic stone treasures span three centuries with colorful history and preserved facades.

If history isn’t your thing, try using the Times Union Center Arena as a backdrop or the Corning Preserve on the riverfront. Both satisfy the athlete theme as well as heritage.

For a sense of spooky and macabre, the Albany Rural Cemetery or Executive Mansion are eery enough.

Militarily, the USS Slater or any of the war memorials to WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Women’s Veterans, stir patriotic sentiment.

For the nature lover, there’s literally hundreds of vantage points at Washington Park, evermore dramatic during the 15th annual lights spectacular.

So, don’t settle for Sears Studio and a solid black blanket as a backdrop. Not, when you can personalize it by picking out your favorite attraction right here in your backyard.